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Team Members

At Financial Affiliated Partners we offer a highly desirable and solid educational program that will enable you to build the company of your dreams. The loan industry is and has been a very in-high demand market that finds its applications in commercial finance alike. Pretty much almost all residential, businesses and commercial properties in the United States require financing. The demand for financing in all of those sectors is high and continuous. Additional to the real estate financing demands there is an ongoing financial need for working capital and the need to aid with equipment purchases for most businesses. This is where you come in as our affiliate partner!

Office Meeting

After going through our extensive and in depth-training program as our affiliate partner you will have the all the tools, knowledge and recourses at hand that enable you to assist your clients with their individual needs in the residential, commercial or business sector. Your knowledge and your access to the right recourses give you the opportunity to fulfill those needs and to be well compensated and respected by your customers in return.

Office Conversation

At Affiliated Financial Partners we train and educate people from all walks of life and different educational and professional backgrounds. It is our passion and mission to tailor our training program to your individual needs with the intent to make your road to success a smooth and well guided one. To achieve this, we offer you a very unique one-on-one training opportunity with us. Over time it has become apparent that this very personalized and individually tailored approach ensures the greatest professional success for our affiliates. The educators and trainers that will be working with you are very well seasoned in the finance industry and have been teaching financial tools and resources for over 20 years.

Data Reviewing

Not only will we be training you in depth about various types of loans and financial resources, we will also be educating you on how to find your clientele and generate leads so that you can begin utilizing your newly acquired knowledge and skills right away. Our lead generation tactics has been long standing and has proven to be very effective for our affiliates and trainees.

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